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"Not only is LowHero.DLL's use of electronic texture interesting in a pop context, but the lyrics are clever, a bit humorous and offer more than just the typical relationship focused fare that alot of current synth pop seems to suffer from." ~Red Faux Transmission

"8 of 10 stars ... intelligent, original synth pop that sounds innovative in spite of a dominant eighties influence." ~Dark Entries

"LowHero.DLL has this wonderful duality, as it mixes some extremely catchy hooks with darker themes and somewhat experimental production techniques." ~Ear of Change
About LowHero.DLL

LowHero.DLL is the electro-alt-pop solo project of Jonathan Chalker, currently based in Florida and distributed by Glim Records.

Having grown up on Punk and New Wave music in the late 70s and early 80s, Chalker was a staunch fan of Industrial and Gothic music by the time he began his music career. This fascination with dark, edgy, mostly-electronic music has fueled several recording projects, of which, LowHero.DLL is the most current and well-known.

LowHero.DLL invokes mainly New Wave and Post-Punk influences ranging from The Normal or Blondie to Big Black or PIL. There are doses of 90's styled indie-rock to add an organic twist to the predominantly electronic sound scheme, which can swing from dance friendly stompers to ambient interludes. Overall, LowHero.DLL keeps the mix pretty accessible and can be appreciated by listeners with a range of tastes. Lyrically strong, LowHero.DLL has been described as “similar to Ladytron, but with male vocals” and is often compared to Apoptygma Berzerk and The Faint.